Quick & Easy to Assemble DIY Travelling Kit for Pets

Quick & Easy to Assemble DIY Travelling Kit for Pets

If you are a pet parent, then there must have been numerous occasions when you went for a vacation and missed taking your pet cause of the anxiety of whether you will be able to offer the comfort and ease to your pet while travelling. Many pet parents find travelling with their pets an overwhelming experience. However, this is not the case if you follow a few travelling tips and have a travelling kit ready for your furry. Easy-to-do and quick to assemble, check out the post below to put together a DIY travelling kit for your pet.

Things To Do Before You Travel

There are certain things that you could do if you are planning to go on a holiday with your furry. It is important to keep in mind that travelling can be anxiety causing for your furry as well. The best thing to do is select a place that is pet-friendly. Doing research on the place you want to go to and keeping in mind that the challenges that may come across you or your furry reaching your destination will help you in choosing a suitable place to visit. 

Deciding on the Mode of Travel

When it comes to travelling with your fur baby, road trips are the most comfortable. However, if your destination requires you to travel by train or by air, make sure that you book tickets in advance and go through the protocols set by them for travelling with pets thoroughly. Usually, such information is provided on their websites.

Pro tip: It is a good idea to consult your vet regarding choosing the mode of travelling for your pet. They will help you in deciding what would suit your pet the best. Road trips are considered more suitable since you have the freedom to stop every 2 hours so that your furry can take pee breaks.

Stay in a Pet-Friendly Accommodation

It goes without saying that you should stay in a pet-friendly accommodation. This is because such accommodations aid you to follow your fury’s everyday routine. Your pet will also feel more comfortable if they are allowed to roam around and explore - which pet-friendly accommodations they usually allow.

Quick & Easy DIY Travelling Kit for Pets

While travelling with your furry is an exciting idea, it can turn into an uncomfortable adventure if you don’t pack your pet’s traveling kit. This will keep you ready for all kinds of situations. Here are the list of essentials to put together.

Foldable Meal and Water Bowls

The core rule to follow when travelling with a furry is to follow their usual routine of eating and going for walks. The best way to do this is by carrying easy-to-digest treats and meals along with a foldable meal and water bowl set. Both dry dog food and dry cat food are easy to carry since they don’t spill easily. In case you want to hydrate the food, you can always add a little water.

Water bowls and food bowls are also important. Carry easy-to-wash bowls. This will help you in keeping them clean and washing them as and when required.

Pro tip: Keep your pet hydrated. If your furry suffers from motion sickness, avoid giving them a meal right before you set out. Feed them an hour before.

Bed & Bedding

Travelling by a train or car? Make sure your pet is comfortable. A great way of doing this is by ensuring that they can sit and sleep snugly. Pet mats are a great option, as they are easy to roll and can be kept in a corner. They also do not take up a lot of space. You can also think of carrying single foldable beds for your pets to sleep on. Not only do these keep the pets comfortable but also helps them retain a sense of home.

Shampoo, Conditioner, Hairbrush

Do not ignore your pet’s hygiene when travelling. They also tend to become dirtier during such adventures. If you choose a pet friendly place to stay, you can give your furry a bath. Remember to pack a gentle shampoo and conditioner which does not rip the skin of its natural oils. In case you are travelling to a place that has humid or rainy weather, then make sure you carry a tick and flea shampoo.

Pro tip: Carrying a brush will help you brush out unwanted mats or loose hairs. Brushing takes a few minutes and will let you remove any grime or dirt stuck in the hair.

Paw Care Products

When you take your furry to new places, you can never be sure of what can stick your pet’s paws. Since paws are a sensitive part of your furry, always carry paw care products. Remember to carry paw wipes with you. You can wipe your pets’ paws if they go into mud or water. Keeping a paw balm is also essential. It helps keep the paws hydrated and prevents them from getting chapped.

Pro tip: Packing pet wipes is a double win. You can wipe your pet’s paws before entering the hotel or resort you are staying in so that they don’t leave a trail of dirt behind them.


Travelling can make your pet anxious. The best way to keep their anxiety at bay is by carrying their favourite toys. One reason for this is that their toys have a familiar smell which helps in comforting your furry. Secondly, toys play a crucial role in keeping pets entertained.

Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

One of the most important things to carry when travelling with your furry is a leash and harness. This is for your pet’s own safety. Ensure that your pet’s collars, leashes, and harnesses are comfortable to put on as well as durable in quality.

Pro tip: Some pet parents think that cats do not need leashes and harnesses. Contrary to the belief, cats also require leashes. You can walk your cat by your side by putting on a harness and leash. It provides them safety in new environments.

Identity Tags

New environments can make your pet nervous, and they may even lose their way when exploring such places. It is crucial to carry identity tags and attach them to your pet’s collar. All identity tags should have basic information such as your pet’s name, owners name, their phone number, etc. This will help people identify your pet and contact you.

First-Aid Kit

First aid kits are a must-have both for you and your pet. They help you stay prepared for any surprises. Packing a few emergency medications for yourself and your furry will also help you tackle any emergency.

These were essentials that you can pack in your easy DIY kit when travelling with your pets. With these essentials by your side, you will be ready to face any situation head on.

Happy and safe travels!

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