About Zigly

We come from a place of great love for pets! From our founders and teammates to our expert vets and certified caregivers, everyone on our team is profoundly in love with humankind’s cutesy companions.

Whether you’re a new pet parent or an experienced one, we’re here to make your pet parenting journey truly amazing with direct access to consistent, compassionate, and affordable pet care. And in doing so, we’ll also be enabling steady learning and earning opportunities for the certified caregivers on our team.

Whatever you need - from food and medicines to toys, grooming products, or a piece of friendly advice for your BFFs - we’re at your service, all paws in!

Our Parent Organisation

Zigly is a part of Cosmo First Limited( Formerly Cosmo Films Limited ). Established in 1981, the company is a global leader in specialty films for packaging, lamination, and labeling applications. It is the largest BOPP films exporter from India and the world’s largest manufacturer of thermal lamination films.

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Why Zigly?

From grooming and pampering to helping you buy the best products for your pets, consider Zigly as your one-stop destination for all-things-pets. We understand what a pet parent truly wants - to have their pets lead a life brimming with health and happiness - and are passionate about making that possible.

As pet parents ourselves, we consider pets as family and are excited about connecting pet parents to the right pet care professionals so that your best buddies can get lifetime access to cuddles, walkies, scritches, playtime, and more!

The Vision that Keeps Us Going

To build India’s largest pet care ecosystem by providing pet families with compassionate, reliable and competent pet care.

What are We Aiming to Accomplish?

For Pet Families

To provide easy access to reliable, standardised and quality pet care that enhances the joy of pet parenting.

For Independent Caregivers

To provide steady and equitable income opportunities to pet lovers who choose to transform their passion into profession.

For Expert Partners

To recognise and value our expert partners for their contribution in building and strengthening the pet care ecosystem.

The Values that Guide Us

People first, foremost and above all.

Thrive together and win as a team.

Continue to build trust with all our stakeholders.

Act with Integrity, no matter what.

Champion Innovation to stay a step ahead.

We are for Pets and we do whatever is required to make them happy and healthy.

Our Greater Purpose

To give happy and healthy lives to the furry companions

who make our lives whole.