Pet Safety During Festive Season: Preparing Them for The Upcoming Festivities

Pet Safety During Festive Season: Preparing Them for The Upcoming Festivities

Pet Safety During Festive Season: Preparing Them for The Upcoming Festivities

Festivities and celebrations are just around the corner. It is the time to come together with friends and family and have a good time. But if you are a pet parent, is any celebration complete without your pet? While there is no perfect guideline to celebrate the long-awaited festivals with your pets, there are some ways which will make them feel comfortable and a part of the frolic all around. The new sounds (noises), strange smells, and unfamiliar faces can overwhelm your pet and make them feel anxious or even frightened.

In this article, we focus on how you can make your pet a part of festivals while ensuring their safety or help them stay at-ease amidst the celebrations. 

Avoid Firecrackers

Festivals and special days such as Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas, and Dusshera, and New Year have people bursting crackers to express joy. All animals, especially dogs and cats, are uncomfortable with the sound and confusion caused by firecrackers. Since animals have a sharp hearing range, they can get scared by the sound of firecrackers. It can even cause extreme anxiety in animals. Therefore, it is best to keep your pet away from any place that has a lot of firecrackers bursting. If you cannot do this, try to comfort your pet to help them feel relaxed.

Create a Safe Space

Whenever there is a loud sound, you will see your pet rushing to their safe space or the corner they find most comforting. If you see your pet doing this amidst the loud sound of firecrackers, do not force them to come out. Let them stay in their safe space; you can place a comfortable blanket or a cloth to comfort them.

Pro Tip: If you live in an area where people are bursting crackers, keep all your windows and doors closed to keep the sound outside. You can also pull the curtains to reduce the intensity of the noise.

Engage Their Mood With Healthy Treats

Much like us, our pets, too, have a sweet tooth - well, at least most of them. The festive season is a time when tons of sweet boxes will be piled up in most of our homes. Amid this, you might feel tempted to give your furry a piece of sweet. However, this is not safe as the sugar content in sweets is harmful to pets. Try making healthy treats at home to share the festive feeling with your pet. You can even indulge them in healthy treats available at Zigly. Check them out here!

Take Them Out for Safe Walks

Festival time can make your fury feel intimidated and scared. Try to keep your pet calm and stress-free. You must avoid long walks during this time as many people might be outside. Secure the leash and use a sturdy harness.

Pro Tip: Try attaching a name tag to your pet’s collar with your pet’s name and number so that if there is an escape by chance, people can identify your pet and reach you. Try to keep all doors and windows closed when you are at home.

Plan a Fursome Trip

Festivities is a great time to take those long-awaited breaks. Check in to a pet-friendly resort and make the most of these breaks. Take long walks through the resort and sleep in late with your furry to make it a worthwhile holiday.

These were some ways to ensure pet safety while having fun during the festive season. We hope they come in handy and if you notice any signs of anxiety, book a vet consultation online for support. 

Happy Holidays!

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