Zigly's Step By Step Guide To Your Puppy's First Bath

Zigly's Step By Step Guide To Your Puppy's First Bath

It's all fun and games when you get a new puppy home. As much as we love those small paws and the constant wagging of the tail, there is also a lot of work that needs to be done to keep that cuteness alive. One of them is basic hygiene. Grooming and Hygiene are most essential in raising a healthy dog. Giving your puppy its first bath may seem complex at most times, but if you plan ahead of time, it can be fun for both of you! So if you are ready for your puppy’s first bath, we have put together these important tips to let you know just what to do!

Step 1: Figuring Out the Kind of Coat

Your puppy’s first bath should be an amazing experience, but before you do anything, it is very important to understand the kind of puppy your pup has. This will help you determine the shampoo and conditioner required. Usually, in such a situation, it is helpful to speak to your vet, who will make you understand the coat type and quality and therefore recommend the puppy shampoo and conditioner needed.

Step 2: Let Your Puppy Explore

Most pet parents wonder at what age you can bathe a puppy, well the answer to it is simple, as early as 10 weeks! Since it is a habit that you want to inculcate for the rest of the puppy's life, it is never a bad idea to begin early - however with caution. The first session of grooming puppies does not necessarily involve water. You should allow your pup to explore and become familiarised with the bathroom. You could give your pup some treats and cuddles of reassurance to make it understand that the bathroom is not someplace to be scared of.

Puppy getting ready for its first bath with a shower cap and a tooth brush

Step 3: Introduce your Puppy to Lukewarm Water

Grooming begins before the bathtub! It is critical to familiarise your puppy with water before his first wash so that your puppy does not feel scared or traumatised. Since it is your puppy’s first bath and therefore first interaction with water, it is best to keep the water lukewarm. This is because lukewarm water is comfortable on the skin and will help keep the session a pleasant one. Nobody likes hot water or very cold water, thus lukewarm does the trick! You can use a clean mop or piece of cloth. Dip it in the water and gently clean the coat and face of the puppy. A proper bath can only be given once the puppy turns 3 months old.

Step 4: Products to Be Used

Once when your puppy is 3 months old and you move on to bathing from cleaning your pup with a mop, you would like to use the best puppy shampoo available. Use a puppy shampoo that is mild and specially made for young pups. Ensure that the shampoo isn't harsh and is Ph-Balanced!

Diluting the shampoo with lukewarm water will also make it easier to apply. Be mindful that the shampoo does not get into the puppy’s eyes, ears, and nose. Apply a thin layer of conditioner and rinse off well with lukewarm water.

Puppy enjoying getting shampooed with best puppy shampoo

Step 5: Wash Properly

The aim of your puppy’s first bath is defeated if you do not clean the pup properly and then don't wash off the shampoo completely. If any residue of the shampoo is left behind, it can irritate the skin and even cause unwanted shedding. Therefore, be mindful about washing properly with plenty of lukewarm water.

Step 6: Gentle Does It

A very important step that needs to be adhered to while grooming puppies or bathing them is being gentle. While washing property is essential, make sure you are not rough. Check that the water stream is soft and that you do not scrub harshly. Bathing a puppy is like bathing an infant. Being gentle will reassure the puppy that it is not a punishment rather something to be enjoyed.

Puppy being gently wrapped in a towel after its first bath

Step 7: Don't Forget the Conditioner

If you are investing in a good puppy shampoo, you must also buy a good and gentle puppy conditioner. No matter how gentle the shampoo is, it robs the skin of its moisture. A conditioner helps in replenishing the lost moisture and does not dry out the skin. After applying the conditioner, rinse it off properly and make sure it is not left on the skin.

Step 8: Drying your puppy After Bathing

Once bath-time is over, towel-dry thoroughly but gently, using a specialised dog towel. Use a blow-dryer on low heat and from a moderate distance to dry off the rest of the wet hair!

Drying puppy's hair after a bath

Pro Tip: It is best to get your puppy’s first bath done from a professional. Our Pawsome Experts at Zigly are here just to help you and bathe your puppy in the most professional and soft manner. We assure you, your puppy will not only enjoy bathing but will also find it to be a woofersome experience!

Once bath time is over, you must reward your puppy with lots of treats. Make this a rewarding experience for your pooch, so that your puppy looks forward to bathing going forward. This was all about everything you should do for an excellent experience during your puppy’s first bath. Stay tuned to Zigly for more such interesting reads!