What To Expect From A Tick And Flea Treatment Package?

What To Expect From A Tick And Flea Treatment Package?

Having a flea bite can be extremely annoying for your fur baby. If fleas and ticks go unchecked on your pooch, they can become the cause of several serious diseases. This is why you must opt for a tick and flea treatment package. These packages are a new wave in the era of dog grooming, where the focus is not just on grooming your dog and ensuring that they are clean but also on helping them in getting rid of these nasty parasites. 


Many pet parents have trouble taking out ticks and fleas simply because they cannot spot them or they are too difficult to be detached from the body. This is why you can opt for a tick and flea treatment package and relieve your fur baby from that nasty urge to scratch! 

What exactly does a tick and flea treatment package contain? 

A tick and flea treatment package is aimed at treating your fur baby to get rid of fleas and ticks as well as to prevent them. It is not a general grooming session. Instead, it involves groomers performing a proper ‘flea funeral’. 


Since fleas are tiny and move quite fast. It can be difficult to spot them and ward them off your pooch. When a thorough tick and flea treatment is conducted, the groomer checks every body part of your pooch for these creatures and takes them out if they spot even a single one. But what exactly does a professional tick & flea treatment package entail?


  • The first and foremost step includes choosing the right kind of flea and tick shampoo that will help in eliminating them while cleansing the coat of any kind of dirt that these parasites have caused. 
  • There are several kinds of brands that have tick and flea shampoos. The groomer and  the vet will help you in deciding which brand or which kind of shampoo would be ideal for your fur baby. This will depend on your pooch’s age, health condition and the condition of the coat. 
  • Groomers will always start by first wetting the neck area and then applying the shampoo over it. This is because ticks and fleas can try hard to escape the shampooing process. They hide in the area near the head as that part is left dry since anti-tick shampoos are strong. 


An Important Paw’int: Anti-tick and flea shampoos are harsh on the dog’s eyes and extreme care should be taken to avoid any contact with them. 


  • Once your pooch is fully lathered, the flea and tick shampoo must be left on for a few minutes. A minimum of ten minutes is the general protocol. However, it completely depends on the kind of medicated shampoo that is being used. 
  • Next, the groomers will use a fine-toothed flea comb to remove fleas while your pooch is soaked in the anti-tick and flea shampoo. 
  • All captured fleas are washed down the drain. Once the time of soaking is over, the furry is cleansed further. The shampoo is rinsed off thoroughly. 
  • After bathing, the next step is to dry the fur baby and once again check for any fleas and ticks manually. If any ticks are spotted, they are taken out immediately. Often after a medicated bath, all the ticks and fleas pass out and are taken out with ease. 
  • The entire process is of 45-55 minutes during which proper care is taken to ensure that your pooch is treated for ticks and fleas completely.

Your veterinarian will help you in determining what is the best time to treat your pet for ticks and fleas. For online vet consultation visit. A regular pet grooming session is important to keep these vile creatures away. So get your fur baby groomed today and keep your fur baby clean & hearty.