The 10 Best Pet Care Brands

The 10 Best Pet Care Brands

As pet parents, we want to give our furry the best - be it clothes, food, treats or toys. After all, our pooches are our best mates and showering them with some extra love is a given. But with the exhaustive variety around us, it is difficult to choose and understand what is best for our fur babies and what would be the best pet care labels to choose from. This is why Zigly, which is one of the top offline and online pet stores,  brings to you selective and high-quality brands that are great in both quality and choice.

 Acana Dog Food

  • Acana Dog Food: One of the best and most easily available brands in the market today is Acana. It is great in quality and highly nutritious which makes it among the popular pet brands. Acana dog foods are a preferred choice by most pet parents. It also helps promote good digestive health and stronger muscles. 

Farmina Dog Food

  • Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain Dry Dog Food Starter Puppy: Many new pet parents struggle with what to feed their puppy to ensure that they remain healthy and happy. Try the Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain Dry Dog Food Starter Puppy which has a yummy chicken flavor and is easy on the stomach too. With antioxidant properties, this food gives your puppy an immunity boost. It is available in most online pet shops. 



  • Zigly Lifestyle: Think best pet brands and think Zigly Lifestyle! From shirts to accessories, Zigly Lifestyle is one Indian brand that has the perfect range of pet products. The brand’s cotton shirts and outfits are made from the best quality fabric to make your furry feel comfortable. Skin-friendly, the Zigly Lifestyle shirts can be worn anytime anywhere. They also have an exciting range of bow ties and scarves that can add an extra punch to the furry’s overall personality. 

Dog Bowl

  • Beboji Diamond Melamine/ Steel Dog Bowl:  Stop searching for the best dog bowl for your pooch and go with this bowl that is stylish, sturdy and useful. The Beboji Diamond Melamine/ Steel Dog Bowl has diamond-shaped cutwork all over it which makes the bowl look nice and stylish. The Beboji Diamond Melamine/ Steel Dog Bowl is BPA-free and is non-stick in nature. One of the greatest qualities of melamine is that it is easy to clean and maintain. It just needs soap and water to be cleaned. 

Dog Toys

  • Petsport Braided Rope Rasta Man with Tennis Ball: Choosing the right dog toy is always a task, especially from an online pet store. They need one for every mood. Well, now there is ONE for every mood, the Petsport Braided Rope Rasta Man with Tennis Ball! The cotton fabric that the toy is made of is mildly abrasive and helps clean away tartar and plaque while your pooch chews on the Petsport braided Rope Rasta Man with Tennis Ball Dog Toy. The tennis ball makes for a fun way to play catch with its good bounce. The Rasta man is made of strong ropes that are durable and great in quality. It is because of this that it can handle heavy chewers. It can satisfy new teething dogs and help alleviate their pain. If you have been looking for toys from top pet brands then this is your sign!

Dog Collar

  • Waudog: A brand that makes some of the most sturdy, stylish and long-lasting dog leashes and collars is Waudog. Their latest collection of Wonder Woman, batman and Superman leashes as well as collars are to die for! All you comic lovers can show the world your preference for Batman or wonder woman by getting their leashes and collars! 

Pet grooming comb

  • M Pets Mini Comb: M Pets is one of the best when it comes to pet care brands. Now remove dead hair and debris from your furry’s coat by using the M Pets mini comb. It also helps in detangling hair and is super easy to carry around. This two-in-one comb helps make shedding a little less messy. 

Dog Shampoo

  • Beeps Dry Bath Dog Shampoo: When searching for a dog shampoo from a pet shop online in Delhi, look for Beeps. They know that bathing your furry can be a problem sometimes and this is why they have come with the Beeps Dry Bath Dog Shampoo. It deodorizes thoroughly and gently cleanses the entire coat, ridding it of any bad odour, dust or debris. This shampoo will be your partner when you travel with your dog as you won't have to worry about bathing your pooch on the go.

JerHigh Dog Food

  • JerHigh: A crucial pet need when searching on an online pet shop is dog treats.  JerHigh is one of the best pet care labels known for making the best dog treats. The JerHigh Stick Dog Meaty Treat is one such treat that is made from chicken meat and is highly digestible. 


We recommend seeking the advice of an expert to make the right choice for your pet. Choose from the best brands and give your furry a fabulous life with Zigly’s online pet shop or simply visit one of Zigly’s experience centers for more.