Rottweiler 101: Their Story & All You Need to Know

Rottweiler 101: Their Story & All You Need to Know

Rottweiler is a robust breed, descended from mastiffs from the Roman legions. Contrary to what people usually perceive of this breed, Rottweilers are gentle and loyal protectors of their family. This breed is known for its striking black colour and richly defined tan markings. Their powerful appearance may intimidate you, but they are noble dogs who make excellent companions. The Rottweiler is also used as service and companion dogs. Think balance, proportionality, intelligence, and endurance, think Rottweiler.   

This breed ranges from medium to large and was originally used as a herd or driving dog. This breed requires extensive socialization to be good family companions. Since it is a larger breed, they are slow in maturing and do not reach their full adult size until they are 2 to 3 years of age. They will always develop into dogs with broad chests and eventually become massive dogs with age and time.  


Medium to Large sized dog 


Short coat with a flat texture  


Black with tan marking (s) 

Average Lifespan 

Between 8 to 11 years 


A dog breed that was originally bred to work. Requires basic exercise every day and has low attention needs. 


The Story 

As mentioned earlier, Rottweilers are considered as one of the oldest breeds ever. It is said that they accompanied Romans while they were moving along Germany. Their main purpose was to drive their cattle. Some dogs got left behind in the town of Rottweiler, Germany and that is where they got their name from. Here is an interesting piece of trivia, the Rottweiler was used for developing popular breeds like the Doberman Pinscher later.  

A powerful working dog, this breed was also used for pulling carts apart from driving cattle. They are now used as guard dogs. Unfortunately, this breed died out during the turn of the century. This was due to the sudden and rampant popularity of small dogs - they became the new favorite companions as house pets. It was due to dedicated breeders that the Rottweiler was revived as a breed and is now one of the most popular breeds in the canine category. 

What’s a Rottweiler Breed Like? 


It is crucial to keep in mind that the Rottweiler was developed to be used as a guard and working dog. They were never meant to be lap dogs like small breeds - you must always remember this. If you want your Rottweiler to get along well with others, then you need to ensure that they are well socialized - which can be done if they interact with other dogs and animals from puppyhood. Male Rottweilers have the tendency to be aggressive and dominating and this is why they may need more socialization as compared to females.  

Confident to be on their own, Rottweilers are intelligent and active dogs who may need guidance since puppyhood to teach them right, friendly behaviors. This is because, if you leave a Rottweiler to their own devices then they can develop nuisance causing behaviors or become aggressive barkers. They may even start digging and cause destruction. If you wish to have a Rottweiler as a pet, then provide them with adequate exercise as they tend to become obese. 

Through adequate canine training and behavior consultation, they can be better equipped for becoming a pet member of a household.


It cannot be emphasized enough that Rottweilers need continuous and extensive socialization to develop into friendly, happy family dogs. They love to work and will happily learn obedience training if taught the right way and at the right time. In an ideal set up, it is pivotal to expose this breed to children early on in life. If you buy them from a reputed breeder, then they won’t have temperament or health problems.  

With blocky and massive heads, Rottweilers have ears lying flat and tight to their heads. They may seem to be hanging down. Their muzzles are squarish and very strong. However, they have a tendency to drool owing to their lower lip which is loose. The color of a Rottweiler is always black with beautiful tan markings. The most ideal coat of a Rottweiler is short, harsh, and dense. Their tails are docked to be very short. They do well on high quality dog food. Due to their tendency to become obese, you must keep an eye on the amount of food they are consuming in a day or follow a diet plan as prescribed by a vet nutritionist. 


Black with beautiful tan markings 

Overall Health 

The Rottweiler is a sturdy and strong dog that is prone to hip dysplasia if not bred the right way. Responsible breeders always test the sires and dams for any kind of health problem. As with all dogs, this breed has had occurrences of cancer in them. With the right kind of exercise, this breed stays happy and enjoys staying active.  

When to Visit the Vet?  

It is recommended that you take your Rottweiler for regular vet checkups and also ensure that the doggo is up to date with yearly vaccinations. A proper vaccination regimen also helps keep their immune system in check. Upon reaching senior age, you will need to take your Rottweiler to the vet every six months to get them checked for eye problems or any other age-related problem. If not in person, then book online vet consultation on a timely basis.   

Grooming Needs

As the Rottweiler has short, coarse hair, regular grooming by a professional groomer and daily coat brushing with a soft brush are important. The undercoat, however, is found on the neck and thighs. They may require weekly brushing to keep the hair from shedding all over the house. You must bathe them regularly to check skin infections and generally keep the coat clean. The Rottweiler sheds moderately throughout the year but it is the spring and winter season where they may shed profusely. It is advised to maintain their oral health by brushing their teeth regularly and trimming their nails weekly.  

You can go with at-home pet grooming or at-salon pet grooming appointments as per convenience.