Festive Season Is On: How to Look After Furries Amidst the Celebrations?

Festive Season Is On: How to Look After Furries Amidst the Celebrations?

The festive season is upon us. While we wait the entire year for the festivities to arrive, these festivities also bring in a lot of work and sometimes stress as well - the stress of doing things right, the stress of extensive preparations, freezing the travel plans, etc. While we engage ourselves in preparing for some of the most auspicious events of the year, the fun of it pours down on our furries as well. Our fur babies also wait for the fun to begin so they can be part of the festivities as well. Along with the happy part, the anticipation or stress that the pet parents might experience also pours down on these little furballs. So, how do we ensure safety, comfort, and happiness of our fur babies amidst the celebrations?  


Pawsome Tips to Look After Your Pet During the Festive Season 

 Tips for pets

  • Prepare an emergency food kit for them and keep it close by so you do not have to rush to get a treat or some snacks when needed.  
  • Arrange their bedding in a place where the sound waves that fire up the air during the festive season are low. If the room is soundproof, it is even better. Owing to their keen hearing, our doggos find it difficult to stay calm amid the hypersonic sounds. Do keep checking on them from time to time.  
  • Keep them engaged with new toys when you are unable to devote enough time.  
  • Keep any sweets or desserts out of their reach as these sweets are harmful to their health. 
  • If you are decorating your place, then make sure that the decorations are well-secured so the furries are unable to reach it.  


Prep-Up Your Furball for the Festive Season 

 Preparing Pets for festivity

It’s the festive season for our fur babies too. Even though they do not say it in so many words, they express their enthusiasm and expect special treatment for them as well. Here is what you can do to prep up your paw baby for the festive season.  


  • Keep them photo-ready with a well-groomed look. If you are too busy to take them out to a pet salon, then you can always opt for at-home pet grooming options. There are festive and winter packages that you can avail of at Zigly as well.  
  • It is a good time to shop for the furry if you have been looking for an excuse to amp up their wardrobe. You can check out Zigly’s festive and party collection, specially designed for such occasions.  
  • Add a collection of new toys to their existing collection both for fun and engagement purposes.  
  • They can’t eat dessert, but they can surely consume treats that are akin to desserts. Make sure these treats are timed and do not exceed the advised quantities.  


Traveling With Your Pet Amidst Festivities  

Travelling with Pets


  • When traveling via car, make sure that your furry is safe and secured with a harness to the back seat. You can use a hammock, or a car seat designed for pets to make their road trip more comfortable.  
  • If you want to travel via air, then you would require certain documentation for the pet along with their vaccination certificate. Service animals and guide dogs are permitted to fly with their parents in the cabin. But they need to meet certain criteria to be allowed to travel with other passengers. Make sure to carry a blanket, their favorite toy, some food, and snacks so they can feel at ease during the flight.   


Need To Travel Without Your Pet? Here’s What You Can Do? 

These days, there are ample and safe places, shelter homes, and kennels that look after the pets with diligence. You can leave your fur baby at one of these kennels and pet care centers. Even though these places are comfortable and well-maintained, it is possible that your fur baby still does not like them. For this, you can consult a veterinarian to see if your dog's personality and health are equipped to stay at a kennel or not.  


If not, then it is a good idea to leave the dog with a caring and affable relative.  


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