Did You Know The Importance Of Walking Your Dog?

Did You Know The Importance Of Walking Your Dog?

Exercise should be an essential part of our lives. We are well aware of this fact. But did you know that dogs require physical exercise too? One of the easiest ways to exercise your pooch is by going on walks, yes, walks! Walks are not meant just for peeing/ pooping or toilet training, they are also a great way to stimulate your dog both physically and mentally. The benefits of walking your dog are multifold and it is what we cover in great depth in this blog!

Responsibilities of Pet Parents

Before you decide on walking your dog regularly, because of the good results it has, there are a few things which must be kept in mind. It helps pet parents act in a responsible manner when they walk the dogs.

  • While choosing a dog breed for yourself, you must gauge yourself as to whether you like going out or enjoy walks or not. This is because if you do not enjoy being active then getting a dog who needs physical exercise and enjoys it would be the wrong choice for you. It is best to get a dog who suits your lifestyle, that way you are not unfair to the dog by denying something it enjoys or needs for mental and physical well being.
  • You must walk your dog under your supervision at all times. Do not let your dog run outside or in a park alone or unsupervised. It can be dangerous both for the dog and people outside.
  • It is important to make sure that your dog is under your control while walking outside. If you want to take your dog out without a leash then it is essential to make sure that the dog is within calling distance and does not run off far away.

Benefits of Walking Your Dog

The benefits of walking are innumerable. It is the same for your dog. Physical exercise helps in stimulating the mind and the body therefore it is a must to incorporate it into your daily schedule. Mentioned below are the benefits of walking your dog:

Excellent Opportunity for Training

We all want to train our dogs. Toilet training is a crucial part of the early days of training your dog. And that can be achieved well by putting your pooch on a puppy leash and heading out. If you instil the habit of leash training from the very beginning, you won't have to face the problem of leash pulling or disobedience later on. A command like a heel, sit and stay can also be taught while walking your dog.

Healthy for Dogs

Dogs need physical activity to not fall prey to diseases such as cholesterol, stress and even separation anxiety! If dogs let out their pent up energy on something else, for instance, a long run or a walk, they won't have the energy to do destructive behaviours. The chances of putting on unnecessary weight or obesity are also reduced by daily walking. Due to its varied benefits, there are also dog walking services available for those people whose work or lifestyle does not allow them to give time to their dogs.


Socialising your dog is another crucial part of raising a friendly and active dog. Going for a walk with your dog on a daily basis helps your dog socialise or interact with other dogs. This is also a great way to let your dog understand how to behave around other dogs. Often pet parents ask the question, where can I take my puppy for walks, the best place to walk your dog are parks where dogs are allowed. Socialising your dog through doggy walks will help build confidence in your pooch and reaffirm the fact that it is alright to make friends.

Mental Stimulation and Exercise

Yet another miraculous importance of walking your dog is the mental stimulation and exercise it provides. It lays down the basics of physical exercise which also has a splendid effect on the dog’s mental health. Confining your dog in one place is not good. Rather, letting the dog explore and venting out its energy on exercise will help in building muscles and toning the body. Dogs often suffer from separation anxiety and other behavioural issues because they have no other means of venting out their pent up energy. Regular walking and exercise help in deterring wrong behaviour and provides your dog with mental stimulation.

The amount of exercise required depends on the breed of the dog. This is why it is imperative to do your research and choose a dog breed that suits your lifestyle. Small dogs such as the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua can make do with short walks twice a day. However, dogs such as the Dalmatian, Doberman, Weimaraner need plenty of exercises to remain healthy and happy. Make sure that you make walking your dog a daily habit and use this time to bond with your dog. Contact our experts at Zigly to find out more about any queries you may have.