7+ Winter Care Tips for Happy & Healthy Pets

7+ Winter Care Tips for Happy & Healthy Pets

The winter season brings a trail of festivities, good food, and a lot more for us. While our furries also enjoy being part of the winter fun, they require a tad extra care, so they do not fall sick or are uncomfortable. Some days be gloomy or boring when the sun does not come out while other days can be full of chilly air with plenty of sunshine that our fur babies would want to go out. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your pets safe, comfortable, and smiling.


Winter care tips


  • Frosty Winter Care for Paws

The tail, ears, and paws of our pets are quite susceptible to frostbite. There are earmuffs that you can use to protect their ears and a pair of winter booties for their paws. It is nearly impossible to cover all body parts. Hence, in addition to these safety measures, you can limit their outdoor playtime and keep it reserved during daylight hours only. Getting dog booties can play a crucial role in protecting your paw baby from exposure to any harmful chemical as well. If your pet is too stubborn to wear booties, then you can wipe their paws with a towel to safeguard them.


  • Dietary Choices for Pets During Winters

Pet Dietary Intake

When a pet’s activity level decreases, its dietary requirements change as well. Look into the change in lifestyle factor of your fur baby and plan their nutrition requirement as per it. Overfeeding them would only lead to unhealthy weight gain while underfeeding may result in a health hazard. You can consult your pet’s vet for advice rather than sketching their diet chart on your own.


  • Enhance Their Activity Levels

Enhance Pets Activity

Limiting the walk time outdoors means less activity and it is important to meet the activity requirements irrespective of whether the season allows it or not. Our pets can feel bored to the point of feeling a loss of appetite or experiencing an unusual surge in appetite, they can even become irritated or too fussy around the house. It is beneficial to manage these by making sure that they get the minimum activity needs to be fulfilled. Here is what you can do. If your fur baby is a foodie, then make the food playful for them by hiding their treats in different parts of the house. If the paw baby is experiencing boredom, then you can introduce some mentally stimulating toys, and puzzles or organize treasure hunts for them.  


  • Vigil Upon Heat Sources

This is a particularly important point to note for parents of purries. Our kitties love to snuggle against something warm during the winter. Due to this, they perceive the room heaters as possible nap spots without understanding the risk of burn that they can get from the heated surfaces of these machines. Sometimes, they jump from out f

of nowhere just to get close to the heat sources. Hence, it is crucial to block these heat sources and make them inaccessible to our kitties and doggos.


  • Avoid Putting Them Off the Leash Outdoors

During winter, it is better to avoid putting our furries off the leash when outdoors. There can be ice cracks in snow puddles which can be dangerous for our paw babies, even the chances of getting hit by a vehicle run higher due to low visibility from the fog. Hence, put them on a leash, always secured when out for a walk.  


  • Make Warm and Cozy Sleep Arrangements

Dog Bed

Winter naps and sleep time calls for fluffy dog beds and cozy cat trees where our paw babies can snuggle and sleep without worrying about the aches of the world. You can add soft blankets as well to the setup for them to dig into when they feel colder.

Cat Tree


Pet Accessories

Opt for functional, trendy winter accessories for pets to keep them warm while upscaling their style quotient. You can go for interesting sweaters of purries and coats for the doggos.


  • Keep them Hydrated

Most of all, make sure that their water bowls are always filled with fresh water in multiple corners of the household. If your fur baby does not drink water on their own, then make sure you remind them of sipping on it to avoid any dehydration.

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