7 Summer Essentials to Keep Pets Happy and Thriving

7 Summer Essentials to Keep Pets Happy and Thriving

Summer season means walks in the park and a nice swim in the pool - not just for us but our fur babies as well! With the onset of the summer comes the time to enjoy the warm sun and the pleasant weather. However, the months of May to July are the hottest months in most parts of the globe. We cannot stress enough on the importance of staying cool and keeping pets protected during the peak of summer. Here are most essential things that are must-haves to help keep pets happy, thriving, and comfortable. 


Include Nutritious Wet Food Once a Day 

Wet pet food

Good health comes from healthy and nutritious diet and so is a fact with our furries as well. Design or get designed a healthy and balanced summer-specific diet for your pet from a qualified nutritionist. As an option, include wet food in their diet once a day as wet food is easier to digest and hydrating as well. 



Invest in Cooling Bandanas 

Cooling Dog Bandana

Going for a walk? Provide your pet some cooling comfort with a cooling bandana. Our pets do not sweat efficiently enough to help them cool down on a hot day. Cooling bandanas help in bringing your pet’s temperature down to beat the heat. It is made using a special fabric which aids in all body evaporation - which in turn provides the same relief as sweating. 



Carry a Water Bottle Everywhere You Go 

Dog water bottle

You must have heard that drinking water during summers is very important. The same goes for your fur pet. We need to keep them hydrated to prevent them from heat strokes and dehydration. Carry a water bottle at all times when stepping out and leave multiple water bowls in various corners of the household. Keep the bowls filled with fresh water. If you notice any sign of dehydration, contact a vet immediately. Shop for trendy and functional water bowls.  




Paw Protectors are the ‘Real Deal’ 

Dog Paw Wax

Yaas, that’s right! Whether stepping out in the evening or during the day, you can protect your paw baby’s beautiful paws from getting scorched from stepping on the hot pavements and roads, by using a good quality paw wax. Alternatively, you can look for summer specific booties for your pet and make sure that you make them wear those every time you step out.  




Make a Day With a Summer Pet House  

Pet odor and stain remover

Any pet’s day can be made if they have a nice place to rest in and enjoy the shade. Whenever you plan a picnic on a sunny day or have a spot in your backyard or terrace that is comparatively cooler, you can set up a pet-friendly space for your furry to enjoy. A pet house is covered and has enough space for your fur baby to lounge in. Invest in an odour remover to keep the space smelling fresh all day long.  


Engage them With Calcium and Mineral Rich Bone 

This is specially true for the doggos since they tend to get bored sooner and stepping out on a hot day for longer hours is a toughie. Apart from pet toys, you can give them age-specific raw bone to keep them engaged. It is nutritious and also a great way to keep the pet mentally stimulated. These bones are rich in calcium and minerals. 


Invest in ‘Cool’ Cooling Aids 

Let your fur baby have a comfortable summer with cooling aids at their disposal such as a cooling pad, an in-house pet pool. These aids not only help keep the temperate stable, but also help the pets stay comfortable day dreamers that they love to be.


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