5 Top Pet Clothing Market Trends for the Furries to Stay on Fleek

5 Top Pet Clothing Market Trends for the Furries to Stay on Fleek

It is a fur baby’s world - truly! With the number of pet parents becoming more conscious day by day, there has been a noticeable change in how they want to take care of their furries. And why not, our pets love us unconditionally, so doing anything for them is justified. They deserve the best - be it clothes, food, or accessories! However, are you up to date with all the latest pet clothing trends? The latest cat clothing styles, what kind of dog clothes online and dog collars can you find? If not, that’s okay. We are here to share all that you need to know to make sure your paw baby stays on fleek. 

 Dog Bandana

Bandanas: A little accessory never hurt anyone! In fact, it can help change a simple look to a 

stylish one within seconds. One of the most popular and classic dog accessories is 

bandanas. It is just what you need for some additional scores when stepping out with your furry! Bandanas are suitable for both dogs and cats. From a wide variety of colors to sizes and prints - we have it all, to up the style quotient in your furball! 


 Dog Bow Tie

Bow ties: Do you have a pet date planned but haven’t planned what your furry is going to 

wear? Get your hands on a bowtie! Bow ties top the list of the most favourite dog accessories. They look trendy and do not need you to buy a new outfit for your pooch. It is a great option if your pooch is accustomed to wearing a collar. 




Sweaters & Sweatshirts: The winter season is upon us and just like us, our dogs too can feel very cold. The range of dog clothes in winter is huge. From sweatshirts to sweaters to T-shirts. You can choose what your furry needs depending on the climatic conditions. Sweaters help keep your pooch warm and keep them protected from catching a cold. They also look super stylish and are available in all kinds of colors and designs. 



 Dog Collars

Cat & Dog collars: Just when you thought you have run out of ideas to make your pooch or your kitty look like total fashionistas, go with stylish cat and dog collars. Move away from the basics towards printed, graphic, and even bejeweled collars that not only look good but are extremely sturdy and durable in quality! From superhero collars to stylish ones with bold colours - choose what suits your furry the most and up their fashion game this festive season. 



Dog harness: Another crucial fashion accessory for your pooch is a dog harness. They are 

available in all kinds of prints, designs, and colors - one for every mood. A dog harness is also 

extremely useful as it allows full shoulder movement in your pooch when you step out with 

them. They also help your pooch stay safe on its leash and prevent them from slipping out. 


The pet market trend keeps changing but the above-mentioned products always stay in fashion and are also super useful. Looking for the right kind of dog clothes online? Hop on to Zigly, a place where your paw baby will be spoilt for choices and style statements.