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Perks of Being a Zigly Groomer

Flexible schedule

Groom every pet to perfection and for that we give you the flexibility to work on days that suit you best

Fast payments

Every penny earned goes to you! you get paid directly by the custom giving you financial freedom

Incentive & Rewards

Train more to earn more! The more expericence you gain and the better services you deliver you're sure to build a network of loyal customer

What Zigly Looks for in its Grooming Partner

Pet grooming is all about patience and expertise. while providing your services you are fully responsible for someone's pet and to be entrusted with the care of a pet you should adore them. we would like to partner with you;re pet lover, a professional and diligent at what you do.

How does it Works?

  1. Create your profile

    Download our app & register yourself to other your grooming services

  2. Accept Request

    Share your expertise and the pets you have experience working with, and feel to make you own schedule

  3. Get Paid

    You get paid regularly for the services you deliver successfully

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