Grooming Subscription Packages

Get ready to see your furry look a class apart from the comfort of your home with our expert dog grooming at home packages! All you need to do is subscribe to any of these home grooming packages and WOOOOF!
Let us take care of the rest!



Avail more grooming sessions at home at the same prices

Club regular offers on pet care products with the grooming subscription benefits.

A FREE gift full of wo’ve wrapped with compliments from Zigly.

Put your Zigly wallet balance to even better use by using it to pay for the subscription package*.

*T&C Apply


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

1. What does the 6-month grooming subscription include?

Ans: When you purchase the subscription at Rs 5,599/-, we credit Rs 6,999 to your online wallet. You can avail of any service or services worth Rs 6,999/- in 6 months.

2. How many groomings in a 12 months package?

Ans: There is no limit to the number of grooming sessions. However, we recommend you go for a grooming session twice a month for the health of your fur baby’s coat. In a 12 months package, you can avail of services worth Rs 12,999 with a validity of 12 months by paying just Rs.9999 /-

3. What all is included in the subscription plan?

Ans: Packages include at-home pet grooming services as well as Zigly van grooming services as per the selected terms and conditions.

4. Does this subscription plan apply to van grooming services as well?

Ans: Yes, but with certain terms & conditions. Currently, van grooming services are available only in Gurgaon and there is no additional discount over and above the benefits of the package.

5. How many times in a month will a pet be groomed?

Ans: There is no restriction on the number of grooming sessions in a month as long as your wallet balance is active as per the session value.

5. Are regular discounts valid over and above the benefits of the subscription package?

Ans: Regular discounts apply to pet grooming services at home. No additional discounts can be applied to the booking of van grooming services. Any discount during the Flash Sale will not be valid for both At Home Grooming and Van Grooming bookings.